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At Pride Fitness, irrespective of goal, fitness level or experience, our members are at the forefront of everything we do. Great customer service is what drives us and as such we have been shortlisted by the National Fitness Awards for Gym Team of the Year 2016.

Have a look below to see what our members think of Pride Fitness.


What a fantastic investment in ‘me’ – not only am I now pain free in the mornings for the first time in 3 months, Mike has shown me the techniques needed and given me the ability to heal myself. I cannot thank Mike enough for his instruction, knowledge and support in achieving results that I would not have believed possible. The best decision I could have made – a million thanks Mike – just brilliant!

Moira suffered from shoulder pain which she thought was linked to a frozen shoulder but through biomechanics coaching she is now pain free and living a better quality of life.

Moira Ward

I’ve been working with Mike for a month now and he is a great guy. Pushes me where he knows I can work harder whilst tailoring each session to my needs. He’s always been thorough and each session is different, interesting and dare I say it? Fun. Would recommend him to anyone as he is approachable and great to work with.

Keiron Wilsher

I’ve been coming to Pride for 2 years and couldn’t imagine it any other way now.

Pride is a great local family gym, conveniently placed, with a great sense of community and friendly environment.

Classes are well structured and the equipment is well maintained. Early morning are usually fairly clear which allows me quality time to work out how I want and superset without worrying about getting in someone’s way.

Not a bad word can be said about Pride. Keep up the good work guys and girls.

Tyler Davis

I am so happy to have joined Pride Fitness. I had my reservations because of being unfit, overweight and my age but all the the staff have been so friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable going. I like the personal and friendly atmosphere. The personal trainers are extremely knowledgeable in health and fitness. I was surprised, at my induction, Scott noticed I had a problem knee, identified the cause and recommended corrective exercise to address the problem – amazing! I now have a personalised programme to help me achieve my goals – really exiting! I really appreciate the support and guidance on a tough journey.

Classes are excellent with competent instructors. There is a good range, I’ve only tried Pilates and Yoga so far and am looking forward to trying other classes.

All areas are are clean and tidy. Machines are always clean.

Absolutely Great gym.

Thank you to the Pride Fitness Team

Nitsa Pitt

I came to Mike with a question about building muscle, in May 2015. He recommended a few different training styles I hadn’t heard of, I tried these along with new movements that he showed me, to which the improvements in strength and size started to show within a couple of weeks. And this made my personal goal more realistic and attainable. So I started to have one to one P.t sessions with Mike on a monthly basis. I used these to help me learn new techniques and also to help me track my progress. Mike makes sure to keep every session difficult but enjoyable, all the while pushing for 150% throughout the session to keep me motivated.

Ash has seen considerable improvements in muscle size since starting training with me with gaining a 6 inch increase in the measure meant around his chest and back circumference and is still seeing improvements every week.

Ash Dymoke

Amazing gym with great staff and an incredibly friendly atmosphere. All areas are brand new with improvements always in the planning including brand new showers, changing areas and equipment. Supplements and fitness related nutrition are available to buy and made to order pre or post workout over the counter to maximise results. A tabbing system makes this an ideal, stress free process when refuelling after a workout.

I’ve spent 6 years here and seen 3 different managements. Pride Fitness is at the strongest it’s ever been. I owe all my results to this place and I give them 5/5.

Management are amazing, helpful, qualified and knowledgeable while the ‘family’ atmosphere between regulars is amazingly strong and easy going for everybody to feel at home.

No intimidation here! Great place to be!

Aiden Lunnon

Excellent gym friendly staff and other trainers which makes it especially nice everyone gets on young and us oldies no attitudes everyone helps each other. Very highly recommended.

Dale Ashby

I joined the gym plagued with injuries and lacking motivation. The biomechanics information has been invaluable and the staff have helped me move through a number of issues. The equipment is great, the atmosphere is supportive and I am striving for new goals I never thought possible. Worth every penny, in my opinion.

Jennifer Clare

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